Regina is in some pretty big trouble in this Once Upon a Time clip. It's from "Second Star to the Right."
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Once Upon a Time returns with new episodes in the spring of 2014. Check out the official ABC teaser now.
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The real story behind your favorite fables will be told on Once Upon a Time. Enjoy this look ahead to episode two.
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How did Prince Charming get his name? That tidbit is revealed in this clip from Once Upon a Time.
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A promise in the fairy tale world has real world consequences this week. Check out the latest promo for Once Upon a Time.
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What is going on with John Doe? This Once Upon a Time scene takes place outside his room of the hospital.
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What happened when Snow White first met Prince Charming? That question is asked and answered on this episode of Once Upon a Time.
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Once Upon a Time Quotes

Someone once told me to act like what you plan to be so I try to act a little better than I am.


Snow: Maybe it's a tiny collander.
Regina: Yes, because pre-teen Baelfire probably made lots of pasta.