Lucrezia meets her new stable boy in this clip from The Borgias, "The Borgias in Love." Hot!
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Lucrezia continues to fall for the stable boy, Lucrezia, on the next episode of The Borgias, "The French King."
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You're looking at a clip from the second episode of The Borgias. In it, Cesare confronts an assassin at a celebratory dinner banquet. The fight is on!
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In this clip from the upcoming episode of The Borgias, Rodrigo asks for advice about looking after the half-brother of The Sultan of Constantinople.
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In this clip from the third episode of The Borgias, Cardinal Della Rovere looks to make an ally out of the king and prince of Naples.
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It's time for Lucrezia's wedding to Milanese nobleman Giovanni Sforza on The Borgias. Watch a promo here!
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Vanozza learns she's not invited to Lucrezia's Wedding due to her past in this clip from "Lucrezia's Wedding."
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A preview for the third episode of The Borgias, where The Pope hosts a Turkish prince and tries to negotiate his daughter's hand in marriage.
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The Borgias Quotes

Lucrezia: You don't know Narcissus?
Paolo: I can neither read nor right, my lady Lucrezia.

Woman: You're a cleric?
Cesare: Didn't you notice?
Woman: There was nothing ecclesiastical about you last night.