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Arizona sings "How to Save a Life" in this clip from the Grey's Anatomy musical event. It's pretty amazing that they're doing this.

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HAs anyone here followed Grey's ANatomy from the beginning?? Addison is like one of the top neonatal specialists in the world there are only like 5 other people in the world quialified and capable of doing what she does. That is why she is in this episode as Rogers2005 stated she is the top choice to have in this episode for the baby.


I think this was a good choice of song for srizona to sing considering the lyrics "Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness And I would have stayed up with you all night Had I known how to save a life" Yes she needs a little work but its good. I agree if anything happens to Callie or Calzona i will be one pissed off Greys fan Callie and Arizona are Made for each other!!!


porque en esta temporada tiene que morir la doctora torres no es justo ya que abia en contrato la felicidad con su novia arizona pobre eslom se va a quedar sin su amiga que mala onda


they better fucking save her life or i will be one pissed off greys anatomy fan ...... that was awesome.. arizona singing yeah needs some work but everything else is great..


Addison is there cause she is one of Callie's best freinds. And she is going to have to try and save the baby. But I really don't think the kid is going to make it.


OMG... What a ending. Loved this episode and I hope I will enjoy "How to save a life". I agree with the first post. If they kill of Callie (which I know they won't), I'd be mucho pissed off. Can hardly wait !


I can totally understand why they have Addison there. Callie is only about 23 weeks. She would be the top choice of characters to have on this episode.


i saw addison there? wtf?

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