Amanda Schull is joining Murder in the First Season 3, and we have a sneak peak at what she'll be doing on the season premiere. Hint: It's naughty!
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The Turn: Washington's Spies Season 3 finale will be upon us on Monday, and it means anything goes. Including execution. Watch an exclusive clip now!
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Martha Madison is a main player on Days of Our Lives. Watch our exclusive interview with the actress here.
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HA! Rick Hoffman and Gabriel Macht crack us up in this exclusive interview. Watch as the former tells the latter how to answer our questions about Suits.
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We're on the red carpet of The CW Upfront with Jensen Ackles in this video. Gather up some scoop about Supernatural Season 9 now.
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Mark Feuerstein weighs in on saying goodbye to Royal Pains after playing Hank Lawson for eight seasons.
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Scandal star Jeff Perry scoops the Season 2 finale in this exclusive interview. We caught up with him at the ABC Upfront party.
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TV Fanatic is on the ABC Upfront red carpet with Scandal stars Scandal stars Katie Lowes, Guillermo Diaz and Bellamy Young in this video. Watch now for scoop on the season 2 finale.
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We're on the red carpet with Freddie Highmore of Bates Motel. Watch now for exclusive scoop from the star.
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We're on the red carpet here with ABC President Anne Sweeney. She talks about the experience of building a schedule.
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Joss Whedon is heading back to the world of television. He talks to TV Fanatic in this interview about Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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We talk here with Giancarlo Esposito and Elizabeth Mitchell on the red carpet of the NBC Upfronts. We adore these two on Revolution!
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