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Tony pitches his small town idea for Rolling Rock to Cochran who rips his idea and calls it antiquated. Cochran pitches his idea about the future in this scene from "Thanks, I Need That," which airs in two weeks.


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What's the Rush Clip

In this preview clip from the upcoming episode of Trust Me, "What's the Rush," Conner reveals to Mason that he knows the energy drink campaign the best because he's sleeping with the brand manager.

Promises, Promises Clip

A clip from next week's episode of "Promises, Promises," Sarah's new partner starts her first day and Tom brings in a print from the 26th floor and Mason and Conner learn other groups are making creative for Chicago's Olympic Bid.

Way Beyond the Call Clip

A clip from next Monday's new episode of Trust Me, "Way Beyond the Call." In this clip, Conner finds out that Mason was applying for jobs without him using a headhunter when he thought Stu was going to fire him. Oh and it turns out it's Sarah's birthday and she has a date with her ex-husband.

Au Courant Clip

In this clip from the upcoming episode of Trust Me, "Au Courant," Conner and Mason desperately try and stop the Rothman Teens and More division from sneaking in and stealing their campaign. Very funny.

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