The Magnificent Archibalds Promo

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A promo for "The Magnificent Archibalds" from the second season of Gossip Girl.

the show is great, all the actor's are doing their best and so are the writter's. I hope it goes to Season 10 like Er. Happy Thanksgiving to all the cast and crew on Gossip girl and enjoy it.


You all forget this is just a show quit freting the odds of things coming out the way you want it to are impossilbe...


i wanted jenny and nate 2 carry on going out...oh well, it doesnt last in the books so theres no reason it shud last in the show..still though....but wt was the point of having the jenny and nate thing if it was gna last so short?!?!?
ahhhhh, i cnt w8 till mondayy....its gna be a blast!
and omg, nate, isnt he just adorable-damn, i wud do that guy ne time...haha


thank god! i really missed crawford at the last episode. he's one of six main characters, but, he usually dont get best story line, and now,i hope nate's problem with his fams stuff is over! horay!


so jenny n nate's days are over!? its ridiculous! why would nate ruin his friendship with dan if his feelings for jenny weren't real!


what the hell does "familys a four letter word" mean?
and i swear if nate leaves im so over him cause his dad treats him like Shit!


No, keep using youtube! I couldn't view them before and now I can!


gossip girl insider needs to not use youtube on their videos, because it makes it so slow, and also, i can't even see them. :( minus 20


I don't know. but I love Dorota's red capee. [:

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Rufus: I miss her a lot.
Dan: You know, in all the arguments you two have had, I haven't once heard you tell her that.
Rufus: Oh my God, you're right.
Dan: That's not ... that rare is it?

Dan: You okay with it? Jenny not being with us tonight?
Rufus: If by okay you mean extraordinarily depressed, then yes.