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The Vampire Diaries is on hiatus until March 14. But when it returns?!? Check out the official promo now for "Bring It On."

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Ash, your comment got boring after you began and ended with a grammatical error. It's a shame that you used the word(or lack there of) "dis" - I feel like my IQ just plummeted. Moving forward, I would like to add that this whole Elena having her "switch" off is a load of bull. So now, there is going to be yet another Katherine... This doesn't sit very well with me simply because I believe that her emotions are the very reason that she has been able to keep everyone in check. With her emotions and pain subsiding - she's now going to be in a WHOLE different mind set. I really hope this pans out to where everyone will like it. :)


great!!! now back to were it started she is again between stefan n damon
dis series is getting borin


im hoping that Damon is hoping once he can find the cure and make her human again she will cease to be uncaring and emotionaless .i think he was concerned for her and he didnt know what else to do .as Stefan said pain becomes overwelming .hopefully in the mean time the two vamps can reign her in .who thought allowing her to go to school would be the best thing for her ! lol Defan really have their hands full .maybe Elijah will be able to control her !


this is not elena she's always been the one 2 love and care and have humanity!!! she's been like that since the beginning of the show and through all that's happend this has to stay the same.


This episode will definitely be interesting to watch. I think it will be exciting to see how Nina Dobrev portrays Elena's character after turning her humanity off. And after the devastating and heart breaking death of the wonderful Jeremy Gilbert, this will give Vampire Diaries fans something to look forward to, which is seeing Elena in a whole new way. I cannot contain my excitement for this episode. The Vampire Diaries is evidently epic.


00:13 awkward!!! and why was she lying on the ground? please have elena turn on her emotions its way better that way


Nothing you guys havent seen before! ha! sounds like something damon would say!


This is not the Elena i love!! What kind of shit is this?! Sorry but i'm done with watchin this


Hahaha omg I'm excited!


so now Elena is going to be a sarcastic comic???? brothers need to unite!!!!!

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