Wanna Get Together Again?

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Callie gets awkward around Erica in this clip from "There's no 'I' in Team."

I meant to say I hope the work out their problems!!!
I really hope Erica's heart doesn't get broken by Callie!!
Erica's world lights up when Callie is around!!!! She's a better person when Callie is around!!!


I Hope they really do because work out their problems!!! It's Callie who needs to get it together because she's the one stuck!!!!!
Erica is so loving and ready to be loved Callie better put some pep in her step!!!


Callie is so hard to read. At the end of last season she was the one who initiated the 'big kiss' and now shes all standoff-ish. I love that Erica has just decided to go for it and that she is super supportive. These two together makes me happy, but it won't if they don't sort out all their issues soon. Come on guys, fix it up for me.


I think Callie does like Erica. She is just maybe a little more cautious as she has been dumped on in the past when she got deep. Plus, we don't know exactly what they did or didn't do. So maybe its not as bad as it looks. Give them time :)


What's wrong with Callie???? Erica is treating her like gold and Callie is just messing with her heart!!!!!!
Callie needs to get on board or tell Erica that she doen't like her the way Erica obviously likes her!!!

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