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Alex may not wish to read a recent article in The Seattle Times. It profiles the actor behind Denny, a man waiting for a heart transplant that has captured the interest of Izzie.

Sandy Thomas, from Kirkland, has been a fan since the show hit the airways. She now has a very good reason to continue to turn in every night at 10 p.m.: her favorite actor, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, has a recurring role. Of course, Morgan also happens to be Thomas' son.

The Man Behind Denny

In addition to the Grey's Anatomy role, her son has a recurring part in another television show, Supernatural.

Morgan is a local. He went to Ben Franklin Elementary School, Rose Hill Junior High and was a 1984 graduate of Lake Washington High School.

"He didn't grow up wanting to be an actor," Thomas said. "He wanted to be a basketball star."

Instead, he went into acting and has a long list of television and movie credits. The surest sign of success in his chosen field?

"I haven't had to send him a check in years," Thomas said.

Tune in to this week's new episode to see if Izzie falls harder and harder for Thomas' talented son.

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