Round Table: "17 Seconds"

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This week on the Round Table, docs quarrel over Doc, Burke's emotions get the best of him, and Izzie loses it...

Who has the better chance of survival: Denny or Doc?

Izzie & Denny

McCritic: It's looking grim at the moment, but at least Izzie's Rambo-like medical maneuver is meant to save Denny's life. Sadly, though, what's up for Doc is his tumor count. No transplant can come to his rescue. Meredith and Derek will need to come to the same conclusion on at least one thing soon; the puppy pound in the sky is paging this Doc. Stat.

Married-to-McDreamy: Doc. After watching Izzie turn into a raving lunatic at Denny's bedside, I now have a lot more faith in Finn as a doctor than I do in her.

iheartizzie: Hard to say. Doc is terminally ill, while Denny has a far greater upside, as a successful transplant could prolong his life significantly. On the flip side, there are no crazy interns currently plotting to kill Doc.

What are the odds on George reciprocating the L-word to Calli?

iheartizzie: Not so good. This is not a man who does things quickly. It took George 27 episodes to express his feelings for Meredith, then several more before he even agreed to date Calli. If Dr. Torres expects George to respond in kind after dropping the L Bomb out of the blue, well, then I have a bone to pick with her. Get it? A bone? She's an orthopedist? Forget it.

McCritic: Unless we're talking about more hand washing after use of the "latrine," Calli may be in for a bad break on this one. Even for a top-notch orthopedist, there's no splint that can be set on a cracked heart. Sorry, basement dweller, but George just doesn't feel the same way.

Married-to-McDreamy: I don't think George will drop the L-bomb on Calli. He clearly does not stand up for her and never seems to take her side, so the odds of their romance blossoming into something deep and meaningful are about as good as the odds that Denny will survive, if you know what I mean. (I mean Denny is going to die.)

Was Dr. Burke out of line in punishing Cristina at work?

Married-to-McDreamy: Yes. Although I wouldn't approve of Burke giving Cristina special treatment because of their romantic status, I don't think it was fair of him to use his position of power to bump her out of a prime heart transplant surgery as punishment for her lackluster performance (or lack thereof) in bed.

McCritic: Yes. You must separate the bedroom from the operating room. Let's say Cristina's performance in the on-call sack had been exemplary, should she have been given special access to Burke's next procedure? Of course not. Apply the same rules to the reverse situation. Whether Cristina blows it personally or not, her career path should not be swallowed up as a result.

iheartizzie: Perhaps, but look at it from his position. Dr. Burke is only human. He took an intern he loves under his surgical wing. He cooks for her. He dotes on her. All he wants is something -- anything -- in return. Cristina passing out while in the sack was the climax (so to speak) of a disturbing relationship trend. Give Burke the benefit of the doubt. Not only would Cristina's presence distract him from the very difficult task at hand, but she's far more useful in an E.R. full of gunshot victims than Alex Karev. Plus, Burke was shot later in the day. Let's put the petty gripes aside, show some respect and help him pull through this.

Did Addison's outburst unofficially mark the end of the Shepherds' marriage?

McCritic: No. While the divorce papers were never signed, this marriage was over the instant Addison gave Derek's best friend a one-on-one tutorial of her gynecological expertise.
Addison Shepherd

Married-to-McDreamy: No, but I think it may have marked the end of Addison's hard-ass reputation. That outburst in front of everyone in the hospital not only proved to be embarrassing, but it showed that Addison is weaker and more vulnerable than everyone thought.

iheartizzie: As an unabashed supporter of Addison Shepherd, I really want things to work out between Dr. and Mrs. Dr. McDreamy. Last night dealt a serious blow to that possibility, however. Derek might respect the institution of marriage and feel too guilty to leave Addison, but his apathy could make the fiery redhead hit the bricks of her own accord. Addison may be flawed, but she's a talented, strong and attractive woman and should be with someone who worships her as such.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 2 Episode 25 Quotes

DEREK: "What do you want from me, Addison?"
ADDISON: "I want you to care. I sleep with your best friend, and you walk away. Then he comes out here from New York and rubs it in your face, and you still get a good night's sleep. What do I have to do? Oh, I know. Maybe what I should do is go out on a date with the vet, because that seems to be something that sends you into a blinding rage. Oh, but wait. That won't work either because I'm not Meredith Grey."

CRISTINA: [watching Preston & Derek throw darts] "He's picturing my face. He is totally picturing that dart puncturing my skull. Wooo, look at that."
IZZIE: [to Meredith] "Derek... Derek is picturing you."
MEREDITH: "He called me a whore. He lost the right to picture me."
CRISTINA: "So I fall asleep during sex. So what? Ass!"