Grey Chatter: If Wishes Were Fishes...

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Oh, how quickly things change for the interns and doctors at Seattle Grace.

In just eight days, an entire clinic was built, George and Callie eloped, and the entire hospital seems to have turned topsy-turvy.

Izzie is worried she wasted her eight million as the free clinic opens for business without the throngs of patients she had hoped for. But it is only the first day - surely things will pick up once word spreads a little more.

Grey Chatter: If Wishes Were Fishes... 65
But Izzie's concern over the clinic is soon forgotten when George and Callie show up, hand in hand, to announce they are married.

They eloped. Went to Vegas. And are now Mr. and Mrs. O'Malley.

It's sudden and surprising, and all of their friends are shocked. It's easy to understand everyone's reluctance in accepting Callie as George's wife - just a couple of weeks ago, he would hardly even look at her, and now they're husband and wife.

In a bizarre yet exciting case, a mysterious cancer patient shows up at the hospital with toxic blood. One by one, interns and doctors drop like flies after being exposed.

At first, George thinks his symptoms are a reaction to his hasty marriage. Maybe this gives us a little clue as to what's going on deep inside George's heart. He badly wants to be in love with Callie because they are so compatible, but did they move too quickly in tying the knot?

Soon, though, every one of our doctors except Mark is left gasping for breath after operating on the toxic girl.

Mark's reluctance to sacrifice his health to help with this case is either ridiculously self-centered or an act of genius. It all depends on how the Chief interprets Mark's actions. He might have just gained a point on the others who are jockeying for the Chief's position.

But regardless of the game for Richard's job, the end of the episode finds Addison back in Mark's embrace. It doesn't seem to mean anything, though (thank goodness), and is probably just a way for Addison to try to get over Alex. Yet the steamy looks they pass back and forth prove that things might not really be over for them.

Cristina keeps us guessing the whole episode as she tries to find an answer to Burke's proposal. She obviously wants to say yes, but she's worried such an answer will end up sacrificing her career.

But what's the point in having such a high-powered career if you end up alone and crazy, like Meredith's mom? In the end, Cristina decides to go for it all, and ends up answering Burke with a yes.

In a typical Cristina move, she gives back the ring, deciding she's not a ring person. It's a waste of a perfectly beautiful diamond, but at least she said yes.

The end scene with Burke twirling Cristina around the apartment is exactly why these two are supposed to be together. They might challenge each other, but they also bring out the best in one another.

Even with all these other dramatic happenings, Meredith's mother, Ellis, takes center stage with her medical emergency and day of being lucid.

It's no wonder Meredith has so many emotional issues. Just add an overbearing, hypercritical mother to an absent father, and you get the perfect cocktail for emotional instability.

Meredith has good reason to worry about Derek's consultation with Ellis. In a matter of seconds, Ellis surmises the real reasons behind Derek's interest in her case. She immediately accuses him of taking advantage of Meredith, which is actually partially true.

Maybe this will come to affect his and Meredith's relationship in some way. Or maybe it will make him all the more devoted to her.

Either way, it's interesting to see the real Ellis that has caused Meredith so much emotional turmoil. We can understand Meredith a little better after this, and maybe even empathize. Meredith obviously loves her mother, but she also likes keeping her at a distance, just as Ellis does with her.

It seems the only person Ellis really opens up to is Richard. It's very sad timing though, between Richard and Ellis, so he comforts her the only way he can - by talking about their imagined lives together, had things turned out differently.

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