Grey Chatter: The Tangled, Complicated Webs We Weave

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Holy crap, it's George and Mere... no. It's George and Oliv... No. Wait, it's George and Call... oh, nope, wrong again.

Grey Chatter: The Tangled, Complicated Webs We Weave
It's actually George and Izzie.

He certainly gets around for such a soft-spoken, insecure guy. But it is wrong to judge, after all, though cheating on your wife does fall outside the judge-not boundaries.

George and Callie had a fight. A fight. It's what married people do.

Never mind that Callie's own insecurities seem to creep into every corner of their relationship, or that George spilled the beans on Callie's heiress status or that he somehow always manages to say the wrong things.

None of these things give him the right to cheat on his wife.

Add to that the fact that he cheated on her with Izzie and the situation manages to get even worse. Callie and Izzie obviously already had issues with each other. Callie's issues stem from her jealousy of Izzie's looks and relationship with George. Izzie's apparently come from these pent up feelings she has been harboring for George.

But everyone has flaws, and everyone makes mistakes.

Take Cristina, for example. In an effort to save Burke from rival jealousy over past relationships, she sort of leaves out one of the most important relationships she's had: a three-year tryst with Burke's own idol and the possible new chief of surgery, Dr. Colin Marlow.

This opens Burke's eyes to something he should have seen from the start - Cristina digs authority figures. But if her admiration of Burke's medical abilities is the only thing keeping Cristina in the relationship, Burke doesn't want a part of it.

Now Cristina has an out. She can either fight for Preston and attempt to overcome this new hurdle in their rocky road toward marital bliss, or she can just let him go the same way she let past relationships fizzle out.

People are complicated. This is what makes them endearing and "important," as Meredith points out on multiple occasions. Her renewed take on life and love and friendship is refreshing and long-awaited.

Her father, Thatcher, and his wife have reached out to Meredith and she's finally reaching back, albeit timidly.

Alex is finally moving into the house with Izzie and Meredith, leaving his previous housing situation a mystery. But a lot about Alex is mysterious, which is part of what makes him so interesting. His growing attachment to Jane Doe is reminiscent of another intern's affection for her patient.

Yet no one can really blame him. He risked his own life to rescue this woman, and now she has no one else in the world except him.

Many things are now hanging in the balance at Seattle Grace, all awaiting decisions - the chief of surgery position, George and Callie's marriage, Burke and Cristina's relationship - but eventually, decisions will be made and consequences will be carried out, for good or bad.

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