Survivor: Fiji Islands Recap - Mookie Sent Packing

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Bye Bye, Mookie
Next season, Survivor will take to the islands of coastal China. But for now, tensions are rising in Fiji as the field is winnowing and the tasks getting increasingly grueling.

With Edgardo voted out, there are only eight survivors left and individuals move into high gear to secure places within an alliance that will assure them of making it through to the finals on Survivor: Fiji Islands.

Concerned that he voted Mookie Lee (pictured) to go, Dreamz comes to a tough realization.

They changed their vote last minute because they thought Mookie might pull out the immunity idol, and that they didn't tell him. It dawns on him that his position is precarious.

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I feel like there are people here who don't deserve to be here.


When I'm cold and not really doing too well, I lose it.