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Keith Nale, Survivor Star, Dead at 62

Keith Nale, Survivor Star, Dead at 62

The reality TV world is in mourning with beloved Survivor contestant Keith Nale passing away at 62 years of age. Get the details right here via TV Fanatic.
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Survivor's Weirdest Winner Edits

Survivor's Weirdest Winner Edits

Survivor has had some unexpected winners over the years. Were they undeserving or just edited that way? We break down some Survivor's strangest winner portrayals here!
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2022's Worst of TV

2022's Worst of TV

It can't all be good. Whether it's episodes, plotlines, characters, or series, we've put together a few of our least favorite things about TV this year!
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Survivor is the most successful reality TV show of all-time. It places a slew of contestants on remote islands around the world and then watches as tribes are formed, alliances made and challenges conquered.

The show is hosted by Jeff Probst, who puts all other reality TV hosts to shame. He asks probing questions of the cast and keeps events moving at a brisk pace. Famous series champions have included Richard Hatch and Amber Brkich.

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I think I'll be a lot less spoiled when I get back to New York.


It was a little bit like Grant and I were back in school and we got busted by the principal.

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