The Amazing Race Interview: Danny and Oswald Speak Out

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They were just the last ones to arrive on The Amazing Race. And, consequently, Danny and Oswalk heard Phil Keoghan tell them, "You've been eliminated."

But the lovable losers still found time to talk with Reality TV News Online. Here's a portion of that interview:

RealityTVNewsOnline: Did you do anything to prepare for The Amazing Race: All-Stars?
Danny: Oswald joined the gym (laughs).
Oswald: We did absolutely nothing to prepare for All-Stars. Got a hair cut, manicure...

RNO: Did you learn anything on your first race that made you change your strategy or do anything else differently for All-Stars?
Oswald: We figured that people after us had picked up on the tricks of going to the concierge and the travel agents â€" things like that. We tried to do things from our hotel room, instead of doing it so public. A lot of the research that we did, we did in hotels and not in the visible areas.

Danny and Oswald
RNO: Did that help you?
Oswald: In some cases it did. We were able to secure and find out about the flight going from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong. We investigated and found out about the airport by calling there. When we got to the airport, we managed to get to the offices before anyone else did.

RNO: You guys put on a consistently strong showing throughout the race. What happened the last few legs?
Oswald: We truly believe that this race is 25% ingenuity, 25% physical, and 50% luck. We got very unlucky with our taxi driver in Macau.
Danny: Yep.

RNO: And that's what put you behind?
Oswald: That is absolutely what put us behind.

RNO: Do you regret making the deal with Dustin & Kandice and Yielding Eric & Danielle?
Danny: Absolutely not!
Oswald: That was actually something that we needed to do. We needed to do it to survive. We didn't do it with any malice. That was something provided to us by the race. And it was there to be used.

RNO: Do you really feel that Yielding someone gives you bad karma?
Danny: No.
Oswald: Not after we saw who made the top three.

RNO: On the race, did you have a chance to talk to Eric & Danielle about why you Yielded them?
Oswald: Not on the race. After we finished the race and we settled ourselves into our regular lives, Eric did reach out to us and apologize ahead of time for the things he said about us when we Yielded him.

RNO: How did you feel when you saw what he said?
Oswald: I haven't seen that episode yet because I was traveling last Sunday on business and I wasn't back home until yesterday. But from what Danny tells me, it wasn't very flattering.

RNO: No. He was a little harsh. I've heard that he's apologized to other teams too, in advance.
Oswald: Sure, whatever! He apologized, but --
Danny: You can't apologize the rest of your life for being the way that you are. You have to own what you do and be responsible for it.

RNO: How close did you guys come to missing the plane to Guam?
Oswald: Very close. If we had not made that flight â€" Danny and I talked about it â€" we basically would stay in Tokyo and check into a fabulous hotel and enjoy Tokyo.

RNO: So, it was within minutes?
Oswald: Yeah.

RNO: And was anyone else on that flight to Guam except for the teams? It looked empty!
Oswald: No, it filled up much later.

RNO: Why did you guys have so much trouble with navigation the past few legs? You had the taxi problem in Macau...
Danny: That and there are a lot of gas stations and they're all the same! And they were the point of reference.
Oswald: There were two specific things. In Macau we had a completely incompetent driver and the directions to most places were written in Portuguese and he did not read Portuguese He only read Cantonese.
Danny: Nobody else in that country read Portuguese!

RNO: So, why were the directions in Portuguese?
Oswald: It's the official second language of Macau, but it's never used by anyone.

RNO: And what about in Guam?
Oswald: Guam, what happened was that â€" this did not make the air â€" there was another route marker between the Air Force base and the Naval base. You had to find that to get to the Naval base, because really to get from the Air Fore base to the Naval base it's a straight line. How we got lost was finding that lookout point that gave us the next route marker that told us to go to the Naval base. Not just us, but every team got lost. But we got really, really lost.

RNO: Oswald, how fast did you complete this week's Roadblock compared to the other teams?
Oswald: Considerably faster, I think. We got to the Roadblock almost... I think 45 minutes later than the other teams. It took me about half an hour to complete it. But the problem was you could only have one passenger per helicopter and each helicopter was 15-minute differential. So, we already knew by the time I got off the helicopter that we were eliminated. I don't know if you saw, but Danny was basically congratulating the girls.

RNO: Especially with your half hour penalty.
Danny: There's no way we would have made it.

RNO: Did you have much trouble understanding how to use the GPS? I noticed some of the people did.
(Danny cackles wildly.)
Oswald: Reading the GPS wasn't the difficulty, understanding the nuances of it was. There was a seven foot deviation on the GPS in terms of the direction. So, where I stopped, I stopped almost seven feet before the guy. I looked up and I couldn't see him.

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