The Amazing Race Season Finale Prediction: It's Charla and Myrna

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Here's the prediction by People magazine of who will come out on top tomorrow night after the season finale of The Amazing Race: All Stars ...

Charla and Myrna
Our first pick to win would have been Rob and Amber. Love that couple no matter who they're double crossing. But among the teams who made it to the final three, we have to go with Charla and Myrna.

Myrna's a bully to her partner/cousin, two-faced to the other competitors, and what's with that bizarre accent she uses to talk to anyone who's not American? ("My friend! Take me to the aer-o-port! Rapido!") But Charla? Love her. She's only four feet tall, but may as well be Shaquille O'Neal for her strength in performing detours and roadblocks.

Sure, it's an amusing sight to see such a small person climb up 11 stories of bamboo scaffolding, drag a mannequin through the streets of Warsaw, and - best of all - lead a horse while wearing a suit of armor. But it's also hugely impressive. If she brings her A-game, which she always does, Eric and Danielle and those cocky Beauty Queens don't stand a chance in the finale. The girl deserves to win the million bucks.

Too bad she has to split it.

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