Kristian Alfonso Launches Fashion, Jewelry Line

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She's one of the hottest stars on Days of Our Lives.

But Kristian Alfonso has plenty more to keep her busy - like branching out into the exciting world of celebrity fashion.

According to BuddyTV, the actress has come up with her own clothing line, which also features jewelry, and which she will extensively launch on the Home Shopping Network on July 23-24.

Alfonso, a 43-year old native of Brockton, Mass., is an actress currently in her third stint as Hope Brady on Days of Our Lives.

Her other acting credits include Falcon Crest, MacGyver, Day of Redemption, Whatever Happened to Bobby Earl, Melrose Place, Baywatch and others.

Quite fitting to her character on the long running soap, she has named her clothing line Hope by Kristian Alfonso, and her jewelry line, Hope Faith Miracles, or HFM.

"I wanted the clothing to be something every woman can wear," the Days of Our Lives icon says. "They will take you from a work meeting, to a function at your child's school, to dinner with friends and you'll never have to change once!"

Meanwhile, her jewelry line, which includes earrings and bracelets with her signature fleur-de-lis, is ready for purchase from her online store.

In a previous interview with Soap Opera Weekly, she described how her trademark evolved into her collection.

"For the last 10 years, fans have been asking about my fleur-de-lis. I've gotten letters, e-mails, questions on the street. It all started with my earrings, which I always wear on the show," she said. "Then it was a necklace and bracelets; all my different fleur-de-lis pieces. I finally thought, 'Let's make them available.'"

Aside from her launch on the Home Shopping Network, Alfonso will also be promoting her brand in Ocean City, Maryland, in September, and in Memphis, Tennessee, at the Agricenter International on October 4-5.

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