Abby: Okay, but I don't understand because I know you and Chad love each other.
Gabi: You act like that's the whole story. But it's not, okay? Chad and I, we got involved because you were not there. Think about that. I mean, he never cheated on you, it's not like we were sneaking behind your back.
Abby: I know that. And that's why I'm not angry with either one of you. I do not feel the least bit betrayed.
Gabi: And yet you're still ending your marriage.
Abby: Yeah. I am. Because marriage doesn't really work if someone's heart isn't totally in it, if they are harboring feelings for someone else.
Gabi: Have you ever heard about feelings changing or fading? Because it seems to me that if you don't spend time with someone, that if you don't talk to them, if you don't have that touch, yeah those feelings will go away.
Abby: Really? You really think that?
Gabi: Yeah.
Abby: Cause I've watched a lot of movies and I've read a whole lot of novels and people fall in love and they stay in love, Gabi. It doesn't matter how long they've been separated or if some other person comes into the picture.

Abigail: I didn't realize you and Eli were dating.
Gabi: You were the one who set us up, thought it was great, as I recall.
Abigail: I did.
Gabi: So why are you surprised that we're still seeing each other?
Abigail: I think it's probably pretty obvious.
Gabi: No, it's not obvious to me, unless you think that Eli and I are not a good match. But you played matchmaker, right?
Abigail: Don't play games with me, Gabi. You know that I left Chad so that the two of you could be together. So I'm sorry if you think it's a little strange that now you seem to be moving on with my cousin.

I'm really glad that you put this thing together, but I gotta tell you, having both boys here, tryin' to act like we're a family... yeah, it's making me nervous.


Joey: How's the move going?
Jade: Kind of slow, but don't worry. Everything'll be out by tonight.
Joey: No worries. There's no rush.
Jade: Actually, there is a rush. I don't want to be cluttering up your space anymore.

Paul: I think I might have something.
Sonny: Did Deimos try to replane?
Paul: Uh, maybe. Maybe not. See, I talked to this guy at a charter place, and he wasn't being very forthcoming. He didn't say no, but he didn't hang up. He just kept hinting that he might know something.
Sonny: He also kept hinting that he wanted some incentive?
Paul: Yeah. Exactly.
Sonny: Well, where is this place?
Paul: It's not far from here, just off Country Road L.
Sonny: All right. I'll grab the money, then we'll head over.
Paul: Sonny, no, you stay here. I'll go get it.
Sonny: No!
Paul: Sonny, isn't that why you hired me in the first place? To do the legwork? What if Deimos finds out you've been asking questions, bribing charter owners? You can't antagonize him any more than you already have. Eventually, Deimos is gonna find out what you're up to. Until then, just leave it to me.

Sonny: So what happened to give Abby cold feet?
Chad: I told her about my unresolved feelings for Gabi. I mean, I was honest, I told her that I was 100% committed to our marriage. I just wish I could make her believe that she's the only one for me.

Julie: Sorry I worried you.
Doug: Well, you worried Hope too, until Valerie said that it wasn't a heart attack.
Julie: Well, I'm going to be fine.
Doug: I sat with you while you slept. You seemed very agitated. Did you have a bad dream?
Julie: More like a nightmare named Gabi Hernandez.

Well, I just finished one project and I'm looking to get into something new. Hopefully something in one of the Salem News offices. Mm hmm. Yes. Yes, you can reach me at this number. It's Abigail Dimera... Deveraux. Um, my name is Abigail Deveraux.


Eli: What did Gabi ever do to you?
Julie: For one thing, she killed Nick, who was your cousin, and she barely did any prison time for it.
Eli: I was told there were extenuating circumstances.
Julie: Well, here's Nick's circumstances. He's dead. And Gabi's circumstances are, she shot him. Don't be seduced by those big brown eyes.
Eli: Grandma, can I tell you something?
Julie: Of course.
Eli: Once you get to know me better, you'll learn that nobody tells me what to do.

Gabi: Some second date, huh?
Eli: This is embarrassing to admit, but I've had worse.
Gabi: What are you doing here, anyway?
Julie: He's here to see me. I have some of his father's effects to give him, and I prefer to do it in private.
Gabi: Yeah, of course, I was just going anyway, so... I'll see you in a bit.
Eli: You know Grandma, that was rude.
Julie: Oh, darling, that was just the appetizer to the banquet I can dish out. You need to stay away from her.

Chad: Renewing our vows is gonna be awesome!
Kate: You think so, do you? Because I really think -
Andre: Excuse me, darling. Can I have a word with you over here?
Kate: What are you doing?
Andre: Saving you from yourself. The time for your objection to this union is past. I suggest you forever hold your peace.

Let me ask you something. How selfish I can be... [laughs] Do you really think I would have chosen you for my brother if you weren't right for the family, right for him, even right for Thomas?


Days of Our Lives Quotes

Lucas, I raised you to be a better liar than that.


Deimos: I believe that the younger generation in this family have been handed everything on a silver platter, and they don't appreciate it.
Maggie: By younger generation, you must mean Sonny.
Deimos: All right, fine. Let's start with Sonny. I'm trying to work with him, Maggie. I've just given him a very important position in the company and instead of being grateful for the opportunity, he's being an oversensitive, temperamental pain in my neck. But at least he's still here. Brady, on the other hand, he's taken off, abandoned the family, Titan. He's left me all alone to deal with the Hernandez family on my own.
Maggie: Well, there's an easy solution to the Dimera and the Hernandez families. Just bow out.
Deimos: I do that and I lose face.
Maggie: With whom?
Deimos: With everyone. Except Nicole. She's taken off too.
Maggie: And to think I naively thought that maybe I'd gotten through to you the last time we had a serious conversation. Let me ask you a question. Has doing things your way gotten you anywhere?