VIctor: You started drinking again? When?
Maggie: After Holly's funeral.
Victor: So yesterday when Brady said you weren't feeling well...
Maggie: I was drunk. I asked Brady not to tell you.
Victor: Why? I'm your husband!
Brady: Don't make this about you.
Victor: But it is about me. Did I drive you to drink?

You are the love of my life, even if that life only lasts another couple of days.


You're a changed man. I get it. But even the way you are now, I know you're not heartless. Get your wife to do the right thing.


Kayla: Eve. May I ask you a question?
Eve: What's that?
Kayla: How can you live with yourself?

Hope: Ted is not the reason Rafe and I broke up.
Kate: I understand, believe me. I was involved with Ted. Then I found out that he was a liar, a cheat, and a two-faced snake. You should fet out before it's too late.

Unknown caller? I don't have time for calls from annoying nobodies.

Kristen (disguised as Nicole)

Jack: All right, your mother has been released just like you wanted. Now where's Haley?
JJ: I'm not telling you.
Jack: We had a deal.
JJ: I lied.
Jack: You lied to me?
JJ: I will never give up Haley!

Xander: You know, my old man died when I was little and my mom dealt with it by drinking herself into oblivion.
Maggie: I'm sorry.
Xander: Don't be. I learned to be self-reliant. I'd come home and put her to bed and then I had the flat to myself and could do whatever I wanted. I was the envy of all my mates.
Maggie: You know, you don't have to shrug it off.

Being the prime suspect more than once does not qualify someone to be a police commissioner.


Jack: All the people from my past are just going to have to accept that the old Jack is gone. The new improved Jack is here to stay.
Julie [laughing]: You certainly are not new and improved!
Jack: A majority of voters disagree.
Julie: Only because you frightened Haley! Now history shows that mean, arrogant, and stupid men can get into offices that they are unqualified for.

Eve: You wouldn't believe the number of criminals Hope left for me to track down.
John: You might want to start with yourself.

Haley: Shouldn't we be practicing being Lili and Dylan?
JJ: We have the rest of our lives to be them. Tonight I want to be us.