Eli: I've given this a lot of thought over the last few days.
Lani: And?
Eli: And I hate the idea of another man raising my child. Lani, I grew up not knowing my real dad. I never even got a chance to meet him.
Lani: Eli -
Eli: Just listen. I don't want either of us to lose the ones that we love.
Lani: So you'll do it? You'll keep the secret?
Eli: Yeah. I won't say anything.

Sorry to interrupt, but did I really see that happen? You're engaged?


Steve: You know, it's not exactly PC to say 'long time, no see' to a dude with vision problems.
Billie: Since when am I PC?

Trask: If you had told me that I would be having any fun with a Dimera, I would have said you were crazy.
Stefan: You got something against Dimeras?
Trask: Only that I've spent my whole career putting them behind bars.
Stefan: I'm not like the rest of them.
Trask: I don't know. You and your brother Chad seem to have a lot in common.
Stefan: Like what?
Trask: Like you're in love with his wife.

No... no...no more poking and prodding. I'm not your human voodoo doll.


Marlena: How's he doing?
Kayla: His vitals are good.
Marlena: Thank God.
Kayla: Yeah, well, he's a fighter.
Marlena: So are you.
Kayla: I'm not so sure about that.
Marlena: Well, I'm sure about that. And everybody who knows you is sure about that.
Kayla: Well, thank you for saying that. I know I often appear like I'm strong and resilient, but I don't really come about it naturally.
Marlena: That makes it all the more impressive.
Kayla: Why? Cause I have to work at it?
Marlena: Yeah. We all do.

He hurt a lot of people, including you and then I go around talking about him like he's a saint. That's not really fair.


John: I think you're making too much out of this.
Will: I don't think I am.
John: Will, you don't remember, I work for an organization known as the International Security Alliance.
Will: I know what the ISA is.
John: Good, I'm glad you do. Well then I'm sure you also know we deal with a lot of cases , most of which are way over the head of most civilians, and since you're not operating with all the facts -
Will: I know this for a fact. You're poisoning your partner and best friend.

Kayla: Does John really have to meet with you tonight? He knows you're not feeling well.
Steve: I can handle a 15 minute meeting.
Kayla: You know, I think our husbands have this superhero complex.
Marlena: I think you're right.
Kayla: They think they're indestructible.
Steve: That's cause we are.

Rafe: He perjured himself so he left us no choice.
Carrie: Oh, of course you had a choice, just like you had a choice when she shot Stefano and you both lied like rugs.

Tripp: What the hell is going on here?
Claire: Well, I was video chatting with Theo, and Ciara kept butting in!
Ciara: I was just sparing him from Claire's word vomit so he could go to bed. You know, she hates that we have an actual connection.
Claire: I'm his girlfriend, genius!
Ciara: And I'm his best friend!
Tripp: Okay, will you two stop? Please? I cannot take this anymore! So this is what happens whenever I go to work? Hmm? You two become bratty little preschoolers?

Paul: Look, I care about Marlena too, and if I thought she was in any immediate danger, I would have told her myself. But whatever my dad was talking about on that call had to do with Steve. And before I confront him,I need to know the facts. And for now, I just have to believe there's a reasonable explanation for all of this.
Will: What possible explanation could there be for him to poison his best friend?

Days of Our Lives Quotes

I hope she didn't run away again. She's so fragile.


Tripp: So how was the wedding?
Claire: Oh, it was a typical Salem wedding. Crashed by a murderer.