Theresa: You're one of the good guys, JJ Deveraux. You're going to be okay.
[Theresa leaves]
JJ: So are you.

Maybe I can't change your mind, but I know someone who will.


You know, I know you don't remember, but I always had really good radar when it came to you and right now I'm reading that you're not telling me the truth. So how about you tell me what's really going on?


We have the truth or we have lies. And I'm not going to lie to my husband and I'm not going to force him to live with the truth.


Gabi: We don't have much time. We have to switch the paternity results and pass off this baby as Chad's
Abby: I'm not having this baby.

Sonny: Well, Leo didn't show up again, obviously. My dad filed a motion to dismiss and I think the judge is considering it.
Will: That's good news, isn't it?
Sonny: Yeah, except Leo's still dead! And where's his car?
Will: And where's his body?
Kate: What body?

[to Victor] If we stipulate right now that you know a bunch of Greek crap that I don't, can we get down to business?


Kayla: Ben claims he was just trying to help her [Ciara].
Abigail: Of course he did. He's delusional and out of his mind. Who in their right mind would let him out of the santiarium? And I'm sure everyone is going around saying the same thing about me.

So not am I only not able to have another child, I've lost the one I've had.


You can look, but you can't touch. I'm just a drunken hallucination.


Theresa: Why didn't you tell me you were using again?
JJ: I'm not! I've been clean for years.

: Because of what I've been through, I have a new rule. The only way to deal with mistakes , big or small, is to forgive yourself, be grateful for whatever the lesson in them is, and then let it go.


Days of Our Lives Quotes

Getting older is not for sissies.


Victor: Adrienne dear, it's me. If you've got a minute I'd like to talk to you.
Adrienne: Sure, Victor. I'll be down in a couple minutes.
Victor: I'll be in the study. Oh, one other thing. Lucas, you're fired.