I can't choose how I feel about you, I can only choose to take responsibility for what I do with those feelings.


Brady: I'm aggravated. I keep running into people and they keep making assumptions about how I feel about a certain someone.
Jennifer: Oh, you mean you and Nicole.

Nicole: If it's so safe around here, why are you running around with a gun in your purse?
Hillary: Habit. I'm on a three-months leave of absence, that's why I came up here. In my real life, I'm a cop.

You know how it drives me crazy that you worry about me all the time? Well, that's a bunch of bull. I need you here to worry about me.


Adrienne: Damn, damn, damn...
Kate: Oh, honey. You seemed so calm just then.
Adrienne: With all of them staring at me, what was I supposed to do? Oh God, I'm screaming inside.
Kate: Oh, no, now I understand. I do. Now what is it?
Adrienne: I got up this morning and I looked at my breasts and... Oh God, Kate, it hit me. Gone. They're gonna cut them off of me. And everyone wants me to be lucky and feel lucky that I'm having the reconstruction right away but God, that's a whole 'nother world of scary.

Eric [on phone]: At 16, you're old enough to make your own decisions, but you still have to live with your parents. I understand if you don't want to see them. Here at the Horton Center, your physical and emotional well-being come first. So why don't you come here and talk about it? I'll be here. Just ask for Eric. See you soon.
Jennifer: That. was. amazing.

Sonny: Brady. You'll never believe what Deimos did now.
Brady: Yes, I can. I just can't get pulled into the middle of it.
Sonny: Of course. What was I thinking? Nicole's your priority. Screw our family, right?
Brady: Stop it. Nicole is my friend.
Sonny: You're in love with her, aren't you? Again?
Brady: Why does everyone keep assuming that?

Eduardo: All right, what is going on here? Why do you feel a need to kick this girl when she's down?
Kate: She's down? She's always down and out, and it's always her fault. Eddie, she got pregnant by a dead man. She used another woman's eggs. She failed to share that information with anyone, including the biological mother. And SHE'S the damsel in distress?

Jen: So... ready to sign on the dotted line?
Eric: Yeah. Before I do this, I think there's one thing you and I need to get straight.
Jen: Is there something wrong with the contract?
Eric: No, I just want to make sure it's clear that I'm just signing off for a trial.
Jen: Oh yeah, it says that right there at the bottom of the first page.
Eric: Jen, it's more than a contract. I can't stop my parents from getting their hopes up. It's more important that you know -
Jen: I know. I know that if you start feeling like the walls are closing in on you, it's important that you have a way out.
Eric: You get it.
Jen: I do.
Eric: Does Maggie know I'm coming back?
Jen: I didn't want to tell her until I knew for sure.
Eric: What about Nicole?

Theo: You wanna make love right now?
Claire: Well, that's what I said.
Theo: I know. I just, um.
Claire: You just what?
Theo: I, um, wasn't expecting it to happen so soon.
Claire: You wanna wait a year or two?
Theo: No. It's just, it's a big step, you know. It's just very... grown-up.

Roman: So it was your mom that wore you down.
Eric: I don't think it was just Mom.
Roman [sips his coffee]: This is worse than the station house.
Eric: Yeah, well that'll teach you to stop by unannounced.
Roman: That'll teach YOU not to answer your texts. Eric, I wanna tell you something. I'm very happy about this but, you know, I get that you're worried about coming home. But I think once you get around family and friends...
Eric: Dad. I said I would meet with the people from the Horton Center and see how it goes.
Roman: It's gonna go great, you know why? You got a way about you. You help people turn their lives around.

Deimos: You must know that you're not welcome here.
Chloe: Where the hell is Nicole?
Deimos: You honestly think that I would even tell you?
Chloe: The police are looking for her and Holly. If you helped Nicole kidnap Holly, you are going back to prison right alongside her.
Deimos: You know, I don't need a lecture from you about who belongs in prison. How can you even live with yourself after what you've done to Nicole?
Chloe: I did nothing but protect Holly from you. Nicole was just too lovesick to see it. And to think she was going to let you be a father to that little girl? But I know what kind of monster you really are. [Deimos laughs] What, you think this is funny?
Deimos: You stole your best friend's baby, Chloe! So why don't we be honest here? Who is the real monster?

Days of Our Lives Quotes

Gabi: So, do you think it's a good idea?
Kate: Not good... fabulous.
Gabi: You really like it?
Kate: What's not to love about a lifestyle coaching business?
Gabi: Plus image enhancement.
Kate: That's what makes it so unique. In fact, I'm gonna talk to Chad and see if he wants to bring DImera on board.
Gabi: Um, well, uh, you know, I'm not actually looking for an investment. I wanted your opinion more than anything and, um, I just don't think bringing Chad in is necessary.
Kate: Gabi, I know that you still have feelings for Chad but that doesn't mean we can't do business with him.
Gabi: Well, whatever I feel about Chad is over. I mean, he's committed to his family. And like I told Abigail, I want them to be happy.
Kate: Sweetie, that's very noble of you. It really is. But personally, I think that I couldn't give up going after a man the heart wanted. I don't think I could just listen to what the brain is telling me.

Your concern for me is overwhelming. Or...and this is just off the top of my head...maybe you're playing me too.