Abby: Mom, I'm scared!
Jen: Of what? Of getting your life back?

I don't know what's going on with Adrienne, but she doesn't need you two idiots making it worse.


Justin: Whose side are you on?
Sonny: I'm on Mom's side.

Chad: I'm very happy for them.
Kate: You want to try that again and this time tell me the truth?

Shouldn't I be the one giving you flowers?


Paper always covers rock, every time. Go ahead, Counselor.


Put me on probation.


Kate: Well honey, for a man who's about to marry the man of his dreams, you don't look very happy. Don't tell me there's trouble in Paradise.
Lucas: No, no. Everything's fine. Sorry to disappoint you.

Honey. Abs liked it that way.


Kim: It's seems like yesterday I was braiding Jeannie's hair and I was cutting off the crusts of her egg salad sandwiches and then our sweet little girl turned 13.
Shane: And she hated the both of us. I wondered where my sweet, winsome little girl had gone.

You had blackout sex!


Theresa: It is the only way you can possibly move forward in your relationship and it's the only road that can possibly lead to... freedom. Freedom to love without guilt. And on that note, my sermon is finished.
JJ: Theresa. I want that freedom.

Days of Our Lives Quotes

Honey. Abs liked it that way.


I think he is going to be thrilled to pieces as any guy would be to get the amazing news that an irresponsible, alcoholic chick who he had no commitment to in any way, shape, or form is carrying his child.