John: You want Kayla back?
Steve: I'm gonna get her.

I've waited half my life to marry this man.


Xander: She sent her husband a suicide note.
Guard: So what? Women say things like that all the time but they don't mean them.

Justin: I will do everything I can to get you out, but I have to tell you, it won't be smooth sailing.
Maggie: Has anything been smooth sailing since the day Victor first showed up on my back doorstep?

Sarah: Can you believe that? After everything she's been through, my mom just wants to take care of me.
Brady: That's Maggie.
Sarah: Yes, it is. And I'm Sarah 2.0. So okay, Mom, you can take care of me. Sarah and Brady will take care of Victor and Xander.

Kayla: Steve was the love of my life just like Adrienne was yours. One of the reasons I wanted to be with you is because I thought we both understood that. Was I wrong?
Justin: No, you weren't wrong at the time.
Kayla: What do you mean, at the time?
Justin: Something you said made me wonder if things have changed. You said that nobody could ever replace Steve. But if that's true, then I have to wonder... what am I doing here?

Gabi: Why are you doing this? Why are you lying?
Rolf: Because I don't like you.

Victor: Facing mortality again has made me think about reconciliation. Perhaps someday when his children are older and he has to make compromises, Brady will understand that I did what I did to protect Maggie.
Xander: Do you think there's ever any chance that Sarah will understand that I did the same for her?

Sarah: I have been there for her every second since she was born.
Kristen: And I am grateful that you have taken care of her, but it should have been me. I am her mother. All that time you spent with her was stolen from me.

Sarah: I'm probably going to be arrested for kidnapping soon, so I'll be back here with you. Either way, I'll see you soon.
Maggie: I love you.
[Sarah leaves]
Maggie: I love you so much... that's why you're never going to see me again.

Kate: I hope Abigail recovers quickly... in a locked room.
Abe: Aren't you warm?
Kate: Change of subject... to me.
Abe: Your favorite subject.
Kate: Are you going to hire me or not?

So yesterday you all read that I was leaving Day's [sic]!!! But let's not write Kristen Dimera off yet!!! Is anyone really gone in Salem? After all, I am the Phoenix!

Stacy Haiduk (Facebook post, May 7, 2020)

Days of Our Lives Quotes

Deimos: Do you have a problem with champagne?
Kate: No, I have a problem with being summoned.

Jade: That girl singing to a bucket of fried chicken has more views than you.
Claire: I know! I don't know what to do. Who's going to download my songs if they don't know who I am?
Jade: Well, I told you what to do to fix it, but you wouldn't listen.
Claire: Okay, I'm not making a sex tape!