Friday Night Lights Spoiler Watch: A Road Trip South of the Border

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Michael Ausiello of TV Guide has a little info on an upcoming episode of Friday Night Lights, although he also dispels a rumor circulating about that very same episode. It's nothing major, so we'll run it without a jump to the next page.

Still, if you're opposed to Friday Night Lights spoilers, quit reading this...

Jason Street and Lyla Garrity

Above: Jason Street and Lyla Garrity.

Here's what Ausiello writes about Friday Night Lights:

I've got conflicting stories, that's what I've got. My Texas mole tells me that Tim, Jason and Lyla take a road trip to Mexico early in the season, and, while they're south of the border, one of them fantasizes about a possible (gulp) threesome.

A source at NBC, however, is quick to refute that rumor, insisting that the only thing that's accurate about this mole's report is the trio's trip to Mexico. Sigh. It's probably good for the show's creative credibility that the rumor is false, though it'd certainly help with Friday Night Lights' ratings problem.

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