Hayden Panettiere on Heroes Season One DVD

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Before you buy your Heroes Season One DVD - and, really, what true fan won't make this purchase? - it helps to know which parts are best.

So let's listen to what Hayden Panettiere has to say about which special feature fans should check out first on the disc:

"I would say it would depend if they've seen the show or not. If they haven't seen the show, I would say watch the pilot - the two-hour pilot. I would say watch that first. And then maybe the deleted scenes, 'cause I'm having fun watching the deleted scenes - but that's probably only because I know what was deleted and what wasn't. There's some great stuff - there's some goofy commentaries, like I'm talking goofy commentaries.

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I mean, I think I remember my commentary and I think they probably edited it, but everything on it is great. You know, I love DVDs and you get to go and look at the extras and find certain things."

The disc hits stores on August 28. But the most exciting Heroes news of the day so far is that Veronica Mars alum Kristen Bell is joining the cast!

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