Ellen DeGeneres Nicknames Taye Diggs "McChocolatey"

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One day before the premiere of Private Practice, Taye Diggs sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show to discuss the new series and what it's like being a new kid on the medical block. A critical excerpt ...

Ellen DeGeneres: "All right so there's McSteamy, McDreamy, is there going to be a McSomething for you? Are you going to have a nickname?"

Taye Diggs: "I think that they're trying to steer away from all those nicknames to try and give us our own style on Private Practice. I always thought if they did go in that direction I could be McChocolatey."

Ellen DeGeneres: "Well, from now, you will always be McChocolatey to me. That's what I shall call you."


There you go. Taye Diggs: McChocolatey. End of story.

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Getting to the end is supposed to be a surprise.


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