Andy Baldwin "Just Friends" With Iranian Plaything

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Andy Baldwin was affectionate with 25 women on The Bachelor. But it was Miss Iran 2005, Sepideh Haftgoli, that could have landed the hunk in hot water with former fiancee and Bachelor winner Tessa Horst.

"We're just friends," explained Andy Baldwin about his relationship with Sepideh Haftgoli in Us Weekly. "I'm just an affectionate guy, and we were on our way to catch up with friends. There's nothing going on."

Photos of The Bachelor star hanging out with Haftgoli in a park on September 9 - different versions of which were posted on several celebrity news websites - show the pair engaging in behavior that looks hardly platonic.

Andy Baldwin and Sepideh Haftgoli
Andy Baldwin and Tessa Horst

Andy Baldwin's babes: Sepideh Haftgoli (left) and Tessa Horst.

While some photos just show Andy Baldwin and Sepideh Haftgoli enjoying the outdoors together, others appear to show the two repeatedly hugging, snuggling, and engaging in what could be described as potentially flirty behavior.

But Andy Baldwin told Us Weekly that he and Sepideh Haftgoli have been friends for three years after they met through a mutual friend.

"We were just hanging out and enjoying the day," he said. "[Tessa Horst] and I were together all weekend."

Haftgoli, a 26-year-old former Miss Iran, who has previously dated former Friends star David Schwimmer, supported Baldwin's side of the story.

"They were innocent photos and innocent hugs," she said.

Last month, Baldwin and Horst had announced they had decided to end their engagement but said they were still "very much in love" and "committed."

We don't buy that... but will buy whatever Brad Womack is selling!

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