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The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 8 Review: Meet the Nanny

The Bachelor Review: Meet The Nanny

On The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 8, it's time for Nick to meet the parents (and nannies). Read on to find out who Nick impresses, and who questions if he's in it for the right reasons.
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The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 6 Review: 2106

The Bachelor Review: Love and Volleyball

Life's a beach on The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 6, and Nick just wants to play volleyball with his girlfriends. Find out how many people he sends home from St. Thomas.
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The Bachelor is an ABC reality TV dating series that has been on forever and has netted exactly zero marriages. Out of like 12 dudes. On the show, they choose from 25 aspiring trophy wives who lay it all on the line. It's kind of addicting to watch, even if some jackasses don't even propose at the end.

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My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum.


What I learned tonight is cats have nine lives, and bitches have two.