Cameron Mathison Comments on Dancing with the Stars

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Super Cameron!
All My Children fans - heck, soap opera fans in general - should be proud of how Cameron Mathison has held up so far on Dancing with the Stars.

The actor somehow found time in his schedule to speak with Soap Opera Digest about the experience so far...

You look like you’re getting more comfortable on the dance floor. All 9s [this week]!
Mathison: How about that! Yes. I am. I feel like I’m getting a little bit better every week. And, you know, the scores have sort of shown that. But more importantly, I don’t want to sound corny, I’m having more fun out there. I think by doing that, the people that have supported me are having more fun watching.

That’s become my main thing. I want people watching to have fun. Even if it means I fall on my face, I still want to look like I’m having fun, because hopefully everybody watching is going to have more fun, too.

Is it true that Thorsten Kaye has been designing your costumes?
Mathison: Yes. I didn’t know this about [Thorsten Kaye], but he is very passionate about wardrobe design. This has been an excellent opportunity for him to really let his creativity go. Ballroom dancing is a great venue for him.

He loves sequins and spandex and rhinestones and tight pants. He’s capitalizing on all the things he loves to work with when he designs.

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