Guest Star News: Paul Reubens Out, Raul Esparza In

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We're sad to report that the role originally slated for Paul Reubens on Pushing Daisies has been recast.

According to, Alfredo Aldarisio - your basic traveling homeopathic antidepressant representative/salesman - will now be portrayed by Broadway veteran Raul Esparza (pictured).

This actor has also appeared in the movie Find Me Guilty and and an episode of Spin City.

Fortunately, Reubens will be be guest starring on the show. He'll be playing a new (and equally quirky) character named Oscar Vibenius, a former olfactory expert who smells something a little different about Chuck.

In the meantime, Molly Shannon and Jayma Mays will still be coming aboard. Talk about their appearances and more in our Pushing Daisies forum.

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