"Oh Oh Oh It's Magic"

The latest episode of Pushing Daisies is titled "Oh Oh Oh It's Magic." Here's a rundown of its developments.

"Dim Sum, Lose Some "

It's the greatest episode title for any show in the history of TV. Here's what went down on the episode, "Dim Sum, Lose Some."

" Frescorts"

Here's a recap for the latest, tremendous Pushing Daisies episode. It's called "Frescorts."

"Bad Habits"

The episode titled "Bad Habits" focuses on life in the nunnery in which Olive resides. Get it? Even this show's episode titles are hilarious.

"Circus Circus"

The second episode of the second season of Pushing Daisies is called "Circus Cirucs." Here's a recap of the events that take place on it.


Bzzzzzz is the season two premiere of Pushing Daisies. It's centered round a tragic bee accident.


We're just gonna review the major developments this week on Pushing Daisies: 1. Emerson has a daughter! He reveals this information - d...

"Bitter Sweets"

We had a different sort of Pushing Daisies episode this week. The crime Ned had to solve? It was his own! Cue suspenseful music&hellip...

"Smell of Success"

Tonight, on Pushing Daisies… The facts are centered around the protege of an olofactory expert named Napolean. Her name is Anita ...


Sorry, Digby, you weren't the only canine in this episode. But you still played an important role. Let's get to it… We begin wit...

Pushing Daisies Quotes

Chuck: Do you believe in reincarnation?
Emerson: Hell no. The planet's falling apart. Right now, it's the children's problem. We reincarnate, it's our problem

Vivian: Charlotte was a nice girl.
Lily: With the exception of puberty.
Vivian: Which was when Lily was going through a change of life.
Lily: Impolite to talk about one's menopause in mixed company.