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TV's best series is all about America's favorite contact sport. While on the surface, Friday Night Lights seems focused firmly on football, it's really all about heart. In his role as Dillon Panthers Coach Eric Taylor, Kyle Chandler is the rallying point for the show's ensemble and its dramatic charge downfield.

Here are portion's of Kyle Chandler's recent interview with Have you ever seen a better marriage on television or real life as good as the one on your show?

Kyle Chandler: Mine's a lot better than this one, I guarantee that. It's just fun. It's fun working with Connie Britton. Whenever we're on the set together, we have a good time. She's one of those people, we just get together good. We have the same technique on how you go about working. I've been married for 11 years, so I think a lot of what I bring to this thing is I steal from my own. I'm sort of doing a little bit of what I know. It's fun like that because I haven't had a role where I've played anyone where I've had a wife and kids and this and that. I've been married for 11 years and I've got two kids. I know how to be frustrated with a woman. I'm good at that. So it's fun to play all that stuff.

Kyle Chandler Pic Do actors and coaches fight over the same things in marriage?

Kyle Chandler: Yeah, we have the issues that they write for us basically. We use different tools to get out of them. That's another thing, Connie Britton and I always look at the material. We're always constantly looking for something new. It's sort of a contact sport on our set, because everyone's trying to outdo the next person. It's really enjoyable. It's a fun atmosphere. What does your wife think of the relationship on the show?

Kyle Chandler: She likes it a lot, actually. She really enjoys the show. They're looking for that female demographic for this show and it's there if we can just get the people to watch it. She and so many of her friends who wouldn't have expected to like the show last year tuned in and said "That's a great show." Because they thought it was about football so they didn't want to watch it. So I think that's one key to getting some people watching this thing, but she really enjoys it. Every once in a while when I steal stuff from our real life, she'll look at me across the couch and give me the head shake. Are you a football fan in real life?

Kyle Chandler: Yeah. When Peter Berg asked me about that question, I told him, "I don't know the stats of all the players. I don't know the team standings. I love football, with that said." I've got a 5-year-old and 11-year-old, two girls. I don't watch much football. When I do, I feel privileged. Yeah, I love pro football and college football and I've grown to love going to high school football games and checking the games out down there. It's just great.

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