Pushing Daisies: No Sex? No Problem!

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A Kiss!!!
As an article in The New York Daily News point out: Pushing Daisies doesn't just practice safe sex.

It practices no sex, lest Chuck is to go back to being six feet under. To quote from the feature:

You wonder who first got the idea to go to a network programming chief and say, "Whattya think about the idea of a prime-time drama that has no sex?"

It sure wasn't the producers of "Dirty Sexy Money," in which almost every character under 70 and over 12 had a steamy sex scene in the first three weeks.

It wasn't the producers of "Private Practice," one of whose characters was introduced while enjoying a bondage game.

It wasn't the producers of "Friday Night Lights," where high schoolers joke about threesomes.

No, sex sells big on prime-time TV, which is one reason it's so fascinating to watch "Pushing Daisies" (ABC, 8 p.m. Wednesdays), whose whole premise is that the couple at the heart of the show can never even touch each other.

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