Pushing Daisies Profile: Jim Dale

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We've provided background on everyone in the Pushing Daisies cast leading up to last night's series premiere... except for one actor who's never actually seen on the show.

Jim Dale.

This British thespian is the voice of the narrator. And our Pushing Daisies forum has been filling up with questions about his career.

Jim Dale

For starters, Dale actually holds two Guinness World Records: one for having created and recorded 134 different character voices for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; the other for occupying the first six places in the Top Ten Audio Books of America 2005.

While voiceover work - especially as the reader of Harry Potter audio books - is Dale is best known for, the actor does have an impressive stage and film resume, as well.

He's appeared in Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World, (and the inspiration behind Ned's pet's name on Pushing Daisies) and also enjoyed success as a comic villain in Disney films Pete's Dragon and The Spaceman and King Arthur.

On stage, Dale has been nominated for four Tony Awards, taking home the trophy for his performance in Barnum.

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