The Amazing Race Teams Announced

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Below is a quick rundown of the 11 teams competing this season of The Amazing Race, which returns to CBS for the 12th time November 4 ...

1. Lorena Segura and Jason Widener. She's a bartender, he's an actor, and they're dating. He played a young Jed Bartlet in the classic season 2 finale of the West Wing, "Two Cathedrals."

Kynt Cothron, Vyxsin Fiala

2. Kynt Cothron and Vyxsin Fiala. A Goth dating couple from Kentucky, and in case you were confused, Kynt is a guy. They certainly love their make-up, and it will be interesting to see what happens if they stay in the race a while.

3. Jennifer Parker and Nathan Hagstrom. Athletic on-again, off-again students. There's always one (or more) of these young, good looking couples who bicker non-stop. The "athletic" part really does apply, as he coaches volleyball and she coaches gymnastics. He's a bit tallern than she is.

4. Rachel Rosales and TK Erwin. The young, free-spirited dating couple. He's a substitute teacher and former collegiate swimmer, she runs her own flower shop.

5. Kate Lewis and Pat Henderson. Married Episcopalian ministers, and both women! Religious, homosexual, old (the only team with a combined age over 100). Nice!

Ronald and Christina Hsu

6. Ronald and Christina Hsu. The father/daughter team trying to use the Race as a bonding experience. He's a VP of Sales at a paper packaging company, and she is a policy analyst from Washington D.C., with degrees from Duke and Princeton. They've certainly got the brains to get it done!

7. Donald Jerousek and Nicolas Fulks. A grandfather/grandson team.

8. Ari Bonas and Staella Gianakakos. Young, catty California BFFs.

9. Azaria and Hendekea Azene. A cool brother-sister duo, which means plenty of bickering, but underscored by love. They describe each other as "confrontational" and "irrational," so they're just like every pair of siblings.

10. Marianna and Julia Ruiz. Sisters from Los Angeles. Based on their bio, it's the classic pairing of brains and brawn, with production assistant Julia the "problem solver" and art gallery manager Marianna the athlete.

Shana Hall, Jennifer McCall

11. Shana Hall and Jennifer McCall. Two hot blonde friends out to prove that there's more to them than meets the eye. Yeah, we've heard that before.

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