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You don't need to twist our arm, USA Today. We'll be tuned in to ABC tonight at 8 for sure.

But the newspaper - unimpressed with the lot of new shows - just published an article imploring everyone to watch Pushing Daisies. Here are excerpts from it:

If ever a season needed a push, this is it.

Few of the new offerings have stirred up much excitement, and with good reason — most are unexciting. Happily, that's about to change. Tonight, a fall too short on joy gets an enchanting lift: Pushing Daisies.

Created by Bryan Fuller and directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, Pushing Daisies blends mystery, comedy and candy-colored visual delights into a fantasy exploration of modern isolation — a fairy tale for our times. The premise may seem unwieldy:

A man brings the dead back to life with his first touch and returns them to death with his second. But tonight's wildly inventive pilot swiftly lays the groundwork, laced with just enough dark humor to stop the whimsy from turning cloying or precious.

The man with the magic is Ned (Lee Pace), a gentle loner whose power has left him wary of human contact. He runs a pie shop with the help of a devoted waitress (Kristin Chenoweth, pictured), while solving mysteries with his private investigator partner (Chi McBride).

Any cop would envy Ned's method: He reanimates the victims, asks about the crime, and then sends them off to their reward.

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