Eric Braeden Finishes Shooting New Film

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Eric Braeden Picture
Eric Braeden is the executive producer and star of the indie western The Man Who Came Back. With the filming of the movie complete, this stars hopes to have the it edited and rounded up by Christmas.

"I'm never someone to put the cart before the horse, but I’m beginning to have a very good feeling about it," said The Young and the Restless actor, who went on to praise his co-stars.

"The cast was just wonderful. George Kennedy, Billy Zane, James Patrick Stewart (ex-Justin, All My Children), Armand Asante, Peter Jason, Sean Young and Jennifer O'Dell (ex-Lana, General Hospital) — they are wonderful actors. But also wonderful to work with. There was a real camaraderie. They wanted to help out and I so appreciate what they did."

As he told Soap Opera Digest, Braeden has been locked in an editing room for six weeks now, ever since shooting wrapped.

"It's very tedious work, but it's also exciting," the actor said. "You see the movie in a microcosmic way and then you also have a bigger view of the overall picture. It assumes its own rhythm and you realize, 'That doesn’t fit there. It would go better here,' or you take it out completely. It's an interesting process."

Of course, once editing is complete, Braeden will have to market the film still. But his solid fan base from The Young and the Restless should come in handy for that.

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