Pushing Daisies Spoiler: Ellen Greene to Sing!

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As if you needed a reason to get excited for this Wednesday's Pushing Daisies episode, check out this mini-spoiler:

In an interview with Playbill, Ellen Greene said that the song she performs in the "Smell of Success" is by Cat Stevens, but she wasn't too keen on revealing which song it would be. But the actress did say the episode dives deeper into the backstory of her character and Lily Charles (Swoosie Kurtz).

"[Swoosie and I] are such a good matching. It's just a yin and yang," Greene said in the interview. "Our story is funny on one level, and another [level] is the sisters' relationship — our story that you don't know yet... So it's a complicated, wonderful relationship. We were so delighted and surprised when we read the script [for the Nov. 21 broadcast, which features direction by Lawrence Trilling]."

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Greene also had good things to say about her other Pushing Daisies costars.

"Kristin Chenoweth — unbelievable! I mean, she's so magical… She's gorgeous. She's got a body of life," Greene said. "Lee Pace… is so dear. When I first saw him, I said he's like a Gary Cooper. He's bashful, he's shy, he's sensitive, he's a great actor, he's beautiful, he's delicious.

Then there's Anna. To me, she lights up the screen… She's also very funny... And she has the obligation, of course, of being the heroine. She's just such a smart girl, and she's such a kind-hearted woman… I'm wild for her. And, Chi McBride is the funniest, tenderest, kindest [man]. He's also really good."

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