Kassie DePaiva: Proud of Son, Kristen Alderson

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A Kassie DePaiva Picture
Kassie DePaiva may star on One Life to Live, but you can't blame the actress for following All My Children these days, as well.

Her son, JQ, has a recurring role on the soap opera.

“I was so proud of my son on so many different levels. America doesn't know how hard he's struggled and worked to have that speech. But I know,” DePaiva told The Orlando Sentinel of her deaf child. “I know what he's overcome. I think it's just a really positive, inspirational story that they're telling.

It's great that [All My Children] used a child with cochlear implants so a mama who just made a choice to implant her child or a parent, they can see that there's hope.”

DePaiva is also impressed with One Life to Live costar Kristen Alderson, who plays her onscreen daughter, Starr Manning.

“I love her, and I think she has just developed into a beautiful young woman,” DePaiva said. “So many people who go through the doors at an early age in entertainment really can be bratty or entitled. She is so not.

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