Derek Hough Speaks on Dancing With the Stars Tour

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Derek Hough Photo
Derek Hough recently spoke to TV Guide about this year's Dancing with the Stars tour.

So, how's it going brother of Julianne Hough? You've done this before â€" you did the 2006 Dancing with the Stars winter tour.
Derek Hough: Right. But this tour is a lot different from the last one. When I did the last tour, it was because of the tour that I got a shot on the show. Same thing for Julianne. Really? How so?
Hough: We were on the last winter tour in Nashville, and the producers were like, wow, this girl's a bombshell. She's going to be great and we want to put her on the show. I was actually with Julianne when she was offered the show and I was so excited and proud. And not really surprised. Because I knew she was more than capable of doing it and that she would look fantastic.

And when I saw her on the show, and how great she was doing, and then, when she actually won the show, I was overwhelmed with pride. So is this tour different for you from the last one?
Hough: Yes, definitely, because after being on the show, you feel like the audience might expect more from you. Before, nobody knew me, so there wasn't very much pressure. And I knew that they were focusing on the people they saw on television, the people they had been connecting with. Now, there's a little more pressure and I've got to make sure I do a really good job. I don't want to let them down. Now that you've got some distance from the show, how do you feel about that infamous spill you took with Jenny Garth â€" the one they replayed over and over?
Hough: It's good when things like that happen sometimes, just to remind people that this is real, this is live.

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