Survivor Spoilers, Photos for Micronesia

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Survivor: Micronesia introduces a new format to followers of the show: Fans versus Favorites.

With that in mind, here are a handful of Survivor spoilers for the new season. The attached photos don't reveal any secrets. They're simply from this edition's premiere.

  • Johnny Fairplay is voted out quickly after quitting on a challenge in the opener. He makes a whiny exit.
  • Yau-Man Chan makes it nowhere near the final four. No one allies with him.

Survivor: Micronesia
  • Parvati hangs in until mid-late season.
  • Tracy (a fan) receives an early boot.
  • Eliza is out before the jury.
  • Mary is the second contestant ousted.
  • Alexis, Natalie, and Cirie last for awhile.

James and Ozzy

Here are a pair of Survivor gossip tidbits:

  • Ozzy and Amanda have a showmance
  • So do James and Parvati!

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I think my tribe was not ready for someone who wanted to play the game right out of the box.


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