Jay Kenneth Johnson Blogs About Direction of Days of Our Lives Character

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Days of Our Lives star Jay Kenneth Johnson hasposted a message on his website to fans. In it, he talks about the direction of his character, among other topics:

I do like the fact that 'Philip' is getting the opportunity to interact with many other characters. The crash was an unfortunate situation, but 'assuming' we make it back to Salem, I think that interaction will continue.

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The Ireland storyline and aftermath was a long couple of weeks. Hopefully you got a chance to check out the "behind the scenes" clips I put together. I wanted you to get a feel for how big of a production the crash was. The actual crash set took up half the stage, with the crew on the other half. As big as it was, I think we pulled it off.

That said, it was sad to see Frank Parker's "Grandpa Shawn" go. He is one of a kind, and will be missed. If you get a minute, try and write him to say "thanks" for all the memories.

Read the actor's full blog now.

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