Reality TV Recaps: Survivor: Micronesia, Celebrity Apprentice, Make Me A Supermodel

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While many viewers are still reeling from another sensation Lost episode, we'll recap what they may have missed on reality TV last night:

Survivor: Micronesia: Favorites won reward and fans won immunity. Kathy and Ami went to Exile Island but the idol remains hidden. This leads us to the main event of the night: The fight for Cirie... TV Guide

Chet Welch

Celebrity Apprentice: The episode begins with Omarosa gloating about Trump liking her so much that he moved her away from Piers.  Marilu Henner and Omarosa switch sides.  The teams are taken to a helicopter tarmac... Buddy TV

Make Me a Supermodel: Ronnie comes back and is welcomed by Ben; Ronnie (pictured below) tells him that the amulet worked. When Holly sees Frankie come in she has a thought bubble over her head of a kitten being hit by a lawnmower. She cries. --


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Survivor Quotes

I wouldn't give [Philip] a massage for a dozen doughnuts.


I'm as thick as peanut butter and jelly with the younger La Flor tribe.