Reality TV Recaps: Survivor: Micronesia, Make Me a Supermodel, Celebrity Apprentice

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Thursdays has always been a big evening for reality TV shows. Let's take a look at what transpired on a trio of them last night...

Survivor: Micronesia: Welcome to the season premiere. It's not just any old fans... it's SUPERfans going up against returning castaways in the latest incarnation of Survivor. Just how super are they? After all, they're calling the returning players "all-time favorites" and we're talking Jonny Fairplay and some more obscure players... -- TV Squad

Make Me a Supermodel: The three models get ready for the elimination ceremony in the morning. Casey's personal hygiene frightens us, as he wakes up in a pile of potato chip crumbs on his bed. How is that even comfortable? -- Buddy TV

Celebrity Apprentice: The claws come out as the teams retire to the penthouse after last week's emotional boardroom. Vinny's gone and Omarosa isn't about to hold back her feelings for Piers and the rest of the guys who goaded Vinny to turn rat on Team Empresario... Reality TV Magazine

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That was fun as crap.


It's definitely the boobs that are hard.