Stacey Elza on The Bachelor, "Panty-Gate"

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Stacey Elza said she was "definitely that girl" - on ABC's The Bachelor who drinks too much and leaves the first night with a hangover instead of a rose.

"I'd like to say I think all of us have partied that hard - the difference is that I got caught on national television doing it," Elza said.

"It was a combo of nerves and not eating much that day. I started to drink a little champagne earlier in the day... I don't remember much. You guys watching the show was a surprise to you as much as it was to me. I was definitely that girl."

The 26-year-old graduate student from Chicago was one of 10 bachelorettes ousted by Matt Grant during The Bachelor: London Calling's premiere.

Stacey Elza

While in her inebriated state, Stacey Elza provided one of the show's top moments when she slipped a pair of panties into the British star's pocket.

"I just wanted to spice things up a little bit - put the attention on me, which I sure did. I'm very spontaneous - outgoing - I figured why not?" she told reporters, saying the move was something she previously considered.

"But at that particular moment it was on a whim," Stacey Elza said. "For the record - I know everyone wants to know this - they were an extra pair.  They did not literally come off my body."

The gesture wasn't appreciated by Matt Grant, who commented he didn't "give a s**t what country you're from... that is not cool."

"But that's okay," said Stacey Elza of Grant's reaction. "He wasn't my type going in, so I figured anything I do isn't going to hurt me any ways."

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