TV Guide Reveals Slew of Survivor Spoilers

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Jeff Probst has good news for Survivor fans:

"Mark my words. There's so much crazy stuff to come â€" the kind that producers pray to the real­ity gods for."

Like what? We're glad you asked! TV Guide has a preview...

Jonathan Penner is forced to leave the game â€" and he's not alone!
A nasty gash on his right leg that Jonathan sustained during a chal­lenge in the March 6 episode grows increasingly infected, ultimately forc­ing the prickly player out of the game on March 13. Says Probst:

"There was a certain point when our doctor said, 'You're done. If the infection's not treated, it will spread to your lymph nodes and kill you.'" (Jonathan was rushed to the nearest hospital for treat­ment and has since fully recovered.)

Survivors, Ready?

Perhaps the bigger shock is that he won't be the only player to leave this season without having his torch snuffed. While Probst won't specify whether the second exit is the result of an injury, he will reveal that it happens in this week's episode, airing Wednesday, March 19 (due to the NCAA tournament).

"It's a testament," the host says, "to the wear and tear, not only physically but emo­tionally, that this game can take."

Unfortunately for the remaining players, the two premature exits don't preclude trips to tribal council â€" meaning viewers will see a total of four Survivors leave within two episodes. "Thank god," Probst says with a laugh, "we started with 20 people."

Read the rest of TV Guide's spoilers now.

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