Reality TV Recaps: Survivor, Step It Up and Dance

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We haven't recovered yet from the shock of Michael Johns being eliminated last night on American Idol.

But we're professionals. We'll focus on the job at hand and recap a pair of other reality shows that were on, one a mainstay of the genre, another a newbie...

Survivor: Malakal arrived back at camp after voting Ami out. Ozzy said he never would have voted against her if she would have been truthful to him. Erik, on the other hand, was thrilled to still be there. He was the last fan remaining on that tribe and was hoping the merge would come soon. He was right on... -- Reality TV Magazine


Step It Up and Dance: The dancers are instructed to don their most provocative dancewear and get ready to leave in a half hour. They pull up to the King King club where Elizabeth Berkley and Jerry Mitchell greet them. There the dancers get to watch L'Effleur des Sens, a French-style cabaret dance troupe. .. -- Buddy TV


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Survivor Quotes

I feel like there are people here who don't deserve to be here.


When I'm cold and not really doing too well, I lose it.