What the Hell Was Matt Grant Thinking?!

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Actually, we know what Matt Grant was thinking and agree with him 100 percent. The exits of classless Kelly and immature Ashlee were warranted.

But you gotta admit, Kelly did her absolute best to stay around on the reality show, pulling out the big guns (literally) at the last second.

A lesser Bachelor star, like Brad Womack, may have fallen victim ...

The Bachelor: Kelly

In a time-honored reality TV ploy, Kelly hopes that her breasts will save her from elimination at the hands of Matt Grant on Monday night's The Bachelor.

He seemed like he was attracted to Kelly in the first couple of episodes, but had doubts as to whether they were a good fit. She answered that question for Matt Grant on this week's episode, giving him two definitive reasons. Oooga.

Kelly's plan to impress The Bachelor star with her (admittedly nice, but probably fake) breasts backfired when, in his interview, he simply asked, "Why do that?"


The only thing better/worse than Kelly stooping that low was (obviously) Ashlee's parting song. She seemed inconsolable after she was dumped on national TV but hey, why not at least sing inexplicably, shilling for a record deal...


Matt Grant also eliminated Holly, but at least she just had no chemistry going and left without incident. Fame-obsessed, classless Kelly and Ashlee had no intention of going so quietly as their stints on The Bachelor expired Monday night.

These two actually make Shayne Lamas look normal. Or closer to normal.

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