Cameron Mathison Asks: Your Place or Mine?

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It's a question thousands of women have dreamed of being asked, especially when Cameron Mathison is the man doing the asking: Your Place or Mine?

In this case, though, we're talking about the new game show on TLC. It debuts this Sunday.


''It's an interesting take on a game show,'' the All My Children star said. ''Two families are playing against each other in a trivia-based game. It's also got a reality show feel to it because round by round the families will win these rooms that they're playing for, and we'll cut to a field where a crew is waiting to get word, and they'll redo the family's room in real time as we're watching. It adds a really kind of cool makeover feel to it.

In later rounds, if the other family wins, they could ask us to go into the first family's house, take out that living room and put it in their house. So there's a lot of new aspects to it that you've never seen before on game shows.''

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