Cat Deely Speaks on So You Think You Can Dance Tour, Success

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Last month, So You Think You Can Dance dancers took the stage to a raucous ovation on the American Idol finale.

Based on that, Us Weekly asked host Cat Deely if the two shows would ever embark on a joint tour. Her reply:

I actually don't know. [The collaboration] was a huge success on Idol Gives Back and it was really special. Because of the success of it, it wouldn't surprise me if something else did happen. I don't know exactly in what form it will be or how it will happen, but there is obviously a synergy between both shows because of the production teams that work on them both.

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Deeley was also asked why  viewers keep coming back to So You Think You Can Dance every summer:

I think that our show is such a success because of the human element that's part of the show. People can like dance or be into dance, but it's that thing of watching other people's successes and failures and trials and tribulations. We've all, at some point in our lives, had to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and get on with [things]. Whether you're a mechanic, a baker, an accountant - whoever you are - we can all identify with that.

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