Kyle Chandler Approves of DirecTV Deal

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Friday Night Lights is returning for a third season this fall, but under very unique circumstances, as the series will now debut episodes on DirecTV, before rebroadcasting them later in the season on NBC.

IGN recently spoke to star Kyle Chandler (Coach Eric Taylor) to find out his reaction to the new situation for the series.

IGN: You have a pretty unusual new deal with the show. What did you think when you heard about it?

Kyle Chandler: That it was very unusual. [Laughs]

IGN: Yes, it is!

Kyle Chandler: I'm just learning more about it. Anything to get us back on the air I'm excited about. I'm especially excited because it's a new situation for us and for both NBC and DirecTV. And of course, we're one of the first shows to venture into what they're doing. So it could represent all kinds of possible creative opportunities. So nothing is bad about it - it's all positive. I got the chance to meet the owner [of DirecTV] and the people running it, and they seem like young, creative and excited people. I don't think we could really do wrong.

Kyle Chandler of Friday Night Lights

Kyle Chandler is excited for the return of Friday Night Lights.

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