Twitch Boss Speaks on So You Think You Can Dance Experience

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Twitch Boss thought he could dance.

And the hip hopper was correct, only he couldn't earn last season's So You Think You Can Dance crowd, making it all the way to the finals before losing to Joshua Allen.

Below, Twitch shares a couple thoughts on the experience with Buddy TV:

How you were feeling at the finale when you realized that you and Josh, the two hip-hop dancers, were the final two standing.
It was incredible. It was just a great moment all over, from so many different aspects. It was just a great moment as far as hip-hop goes, because I mean we’re so focused on versatility every week we’re just going to throw any style at you and you’ll have to deal with it. For two hip-hoppers to be the final two just said so much, and just hope that it inspired free stylers and hip-hoppers and any other dancers, just that they realize there aren’t any limits, there aren’t any boundaries, unless you set them yourself. I think that was just an amazing moment.

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Were you feeling confident when you hit top 20, or were you still nervous every week?
I was definitely still nervous every week. When it comes down to it, nobody was safe at all, ever. So you have to come into it every single week with your absolute best, especially with this cast. The cast was just dope all around so there couldn’t be a week where you were slipping and be like, “Oh, well I’m all right, because my fans will handle it.” Definitely not, definitely not.

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