My Name is Earl Season Premiere Spoilers

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Can't wait till 8:00 for your dose of My Name is Earl?  Neither could we so we got the scoop on what's happening in tonight's episodes for you.  That's right, NBC is giving us two full episodes of My Name is Earl.

The First Episode: The Magic Hour
In the first episode, Seth Green guest stars as Little Buddy, a guy who was supposed to be terminally ill and who Earl stole a make-a-wish from.  Now all grown up and clearly still alive, Earl agrees to help Little Buddy make a movie.

The movie is about a super spy that must sav the president from a giant squid.  Cast in the film is Joy as the love interest, Catalina as the villain, and Randy as the President of the United States.   Turns out Randy ends up being the best actor when he realizes all acting is is pretending to be someone else.

Seth Green as Little Buddy

The Second Epiosde: Vote for This and I Promise to Do Something Crazy at the Emmys
Besides just a clever title, this episode brings back guest star Beau Bridges as Earl's father, Carl.  Earl is home with Randy to make amends with their childhood neighbors, the Clarks.  However, through a series of events, Carl will find out his wife cheated on him!  Now, Carl moves out and father and son bonding will ensue.  Apparently the scene to watch is a fight sequence to "Eye of the Tiger."

We can't wait either.

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