Office Spoilers: Roy Returns!

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Wow!  Thanks to Kristin at E! Online, we just got some juicy spoilers from the The Office.  It looks like Roy (David Denman) will be returning to The Office during one of the next five episodes.

Fans remember that Roy's last encounter was punching Jim when he found out he kissed Pam.  Oh and getting fired.

Roy and Pam

However, this time around it looks like there will be a few less fists flying so you can put down that pepper spray Dwight.  This time around, Jim and Daryl will meet up with Roy at a bar (trying to avoid some Michael office hijinks), and apparently Roy will be offering up Jim some advice: watch out for her new guy friends at art school, they may be trying to steal her the way Jim did!

Phew.  As long as it's not Roy trying to break up Jam.  Now all we gotta worry about is that sleazy new Jim wanna-be.

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