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Thanks to Michael Ausiello, we've been treated to the following spoilers from some of our favorite shows on television:

In the season five premiere we're going to learn that one of the four choices is true about the island:

  1. The island moved back in time
  2. The island moved forward in time
  3. The island didn't move in time, but rather moved its location
  4. Or... the island didn't move at all and that Dharma technology made it invisible to the human eye
Jack in Season Finale

Pushing Daisies
In Pushing Daisies, Ned, Chuck, and Emerson will all meet their alternate selves who are all Norwegian. Apparently they're quite bizarre. Here's hoping for some standard goatees.

In episode five this season, Dean punches Sam twice... on purpose! Also, expect two new regular characters to be added. One is a pretty girl that hears voices and will be a love interest for one of the Winchester brothers. The other is a male demon.

Sam and Dean Winchester

Prior to the November sweeps, episodes 10 and 11 of Smallville will see Chloe marrying Jimmy and Brainiac slowly taking over Chloe's body.  Apparently by the end of eleven, he has completely taken over her body and that's when the fun begins.

True Blood
The end of the fifth episode will see one of the major characters dying.

Ugly Betty
The first two episodes are expected to be stellar for those of you that were disapointed by last year's seasn finale. Special moments? Betty's initial run-in with her new love interest Val Emmich; Amanda and MArc's reaction when they first meet Eddit Cibrian; and the look at Betty's face as she attempts to inject Botox into Wilhelmina's face.

Ugly Betty in Softball Uniform

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